The Best Hairstyle for Your Faceshape

Have you ever tried to get a hairstyle that you saw it online, or just on your favorite celebrity, and you told your stylist to do your hair like that, but you sometimes just found it look so ridiculous on you in the end. I think it’s probably because you have no idea that face shapes have a lot to do with whether a hairstyle looks awesome on you. If you just blindly follow the trend, the result will not turn that good as your imagination. So here we’re going to show you what hairstyle suits your face shape best.

Determine Your Face Shape

The first thing you need to do is to determine your face shape before choosing the right hairstyle for you. To figure out your face shape, pull your hair back in a headband or ponytail, take an eyeliner or lip pencil, look in the mirror, and trace the outline of your face. Then, compare the outline with the handy guide below. You can see that we divide the types into five categories.

Oval—Longer face, narrower jaw.
Square—Forehead, jawline and cheekbones are almost equal in width.
Round—Wide hairline, wider and fuller cheeks.
Heart—Wide forehead and temples, narrow jaw and pointy chin.
Oblong—Long narrow bone structure, often accompanied by a thin, long neck.

As you may have known your face shape, it’s time for the hairstyle talk now.

Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

1. Oval

It’s lucky if you are with an oval face which is considered to be the most balanced and proportioned face shape, versatile for hairstyles. You can pull off almost any do with this face shape—long or short, curly or straight, it doesn’t matter. So feel free to experiment.
The biggest pop star Rihanna is known as a hair chameleon. Here we can see a photo of her hairs below.

She has changed her hairstyle for like a million times but never failed. Not only because she is a superstar that has a professional team at beck and call, but also because she is with an oval face. Here we can see the picture of her rocking every hairstyles, from the very short pixie, short wavy, medium straight, and long wavy or even a simple ponytail. All types of hairstyles works for her and you can’t find a fault. So oval faces can do every hairstyles. Just enjoy your adventurous hair experiment trip!

2. Square

Square faces are proportional in width and length. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost the same width. Besides, cheekbones and jaw angles in such faces are evident. So suqare faces usually leave people an impression with high cheekbones, strong jawline and square chin. To get a good hair look, you’d better trick the eyes to leave the focus on the jawline.
Famous actress Taraji P. Henson is an representative example of square faces. Here is the picture of four hairstyles she rocked best.

Bob with Side Bangs – She looked super cool with this half-shaved bob. The asymmetrical side cut can streamline a broad jawline.
Medium Curls – The medium voluminous curls with side-parting can create the illusion of a longer face and add softness to the face.
Straight Lob – Center-parting with the length a few inches below the chin can hide the wide chin and balance the shape in a better way.
Long Wavy Cut – Long waves with side swept bangs will elongate and narrow the square face, soften the strong bone structures and get a very feminine look.

3. Round

The right thing to do for round faces is to get balanced with the width of your face, which could make your face look visually longer and leaner in a certain degree. The easiest way to do this is to get side-swept bangs. Also, you can get a long wavy hair with a piece of layered cut at the jaw. This will create an illusion of a longer face, then the width of cheek will seem slimmer. However, you should avoid getting a lot of hair at the sides of your face, which would make your face even wider although your original goal is to want your face look narrower.
Famous actress Gabrielle Union is the one we think a great example for the round face. So here we are going to talk about 4 best hairstyles for her in the following picture.

Chin-Length Bob – Blunt, chin-length bob with side part will draw attention to her beautiful eyes and elevate her cheekbones.
Mid-Length Layers – Perfect length hair that is a few inches past your shoulders with layers can make face look slimmer and soften the face texture.
Long Curls – Center-parting with long, loose, bouncy curls can lengthen the face, add more angles to the face, and give it a flattering look.
Ponytail with Middle-Swept Bangs – A high ponytail creates the illusion of a longer, slimmer face,with side-swept bangs is a plus.

4. Heart

A heart shape face has a wide point at the cheeks, a narrow jaw, and a pointy chin. When you are with a heart face shape, the best choice is to draw more attention to your beautiful eyes, stunning cheekbones, and cute chin.
There is no better example than Kerry Washington that can think for having a heart shape face.

Short Cut with Bangs – Short cut can highlight your chin and jawline.Blunt bangs perfectly hide your wide forehead.
Medium Curls with Side Bangs – Medium curls with side bangs bring movement around the face and balance the face features.
Side-parting Long Straight Cut – Long straight hair looks super elegant, and with the side parting can absolutely bring a sexy feminine look, and show off that beautiful.
Wavy Side Ponytail – A wavy side ponytail with side-swept bangs add youthful vigour to the face, and proportionate the face structures. Looks very cute.

5. Oblong

Oblong faces are similar with oval faces, the difference for which is oblong faces are longer. When you are with an oblong face, your main goal is to break the length of your face, so to speak, and create width. The easiest way to reduce the length is make your forehead covered with bangs. Some curls and wavy layers are good ones to add width to your face as well.
When we are talking to oblong faces, we cannot mention singer Kelly Rowland. Here are 4 types of hairstyles that suit her best.

Bob with Blunt Cut Bangs – Short jawline bobs can draw attention away from the length of face, and the blunt cut bangs.
Center-parting Long Wavy Cut – Long wavy volume on the side of face is unbelievably flattering, and it is a good way to round out the shape of face.
Long Curls with Long Bangs – Long curls with long blunt bangs looks very youthful and glamorous, which add volume body to your face, creating the right shape.
Long Straight Cut with Blunt Bangs – Long straight cut with full horizontal fringe really helps to widen the face and adds softness to the face.

Must to say that here we listed are not the limited, but for finding out our best suitable ones, we first need to know ourselves, so you can do whatever you want with your hair to look cooler and more characteristic.

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