How to Put on a Wig without Glue

Step1: Twist out your hair.

Step2: Cut the extra lace along the hairline carefully after you are sure to keep your wig. (You must keep the wig in original condition if you would like a return or exchange.)

Step3: Put on wig cap and push a little back to expose about 1 inch of your own scalp.

Step4: Comb the front hair to style your part.

Step5: Apply wig, match wig part to your part.

Step6: Secure the clips and strap, if your wig is not with glueless cap, you might need to apply some glue or sew down your wig to make it stay in place.

For an U-part wig, release your leave out hair, comb and style your own hair to blend with the wig hair.

Step7: Style to make your hair look more natural.

Tips: ① Use some pony pins can help your wig stable if necessary.

② When you style the wig, you can apply some gel to help flatten your front part;

③ Apply some foundation which color is closed to your skin color, can help your part look more natural.

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